Together with Zerosun, I've worked with Cydcor for 8+ years, covering 5-8 major conferences they hold each year, in the US and Canada.  We usually run 3-4 cameras through each conference and perform numerous interviews.  As a frequent DP for these events over the years, I developed many of the on-site practices we use to ensure the quality and coverage necessary to produce this reliably.  This is just one recap video out of many dozens that I've made.
I assemble highly complex  and creative edits along to music for these vids - basically a music video, made from hours and hours of event footage - every time.  All edits and most animation done by me.   The above is a recap video of their 2020 conferences.
Below is another example of my work for this client.  This was a 'hype opener', used to  fire up the audience at their opening of their two January 2020 conferences.  This utilizes some of the best shots from the 5+ conferences we filmed in 2019.  Some footage filmed by me.  
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